What is it and will it help- Fuel Induction Service?

The fuel induction service is a maintenance service designed to enhance the performance of your engine.  The fuel induction service is the process of cleaning the electronic throttle body, air intake valves, and the fuel injectors.  The fuel induction service can help to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle, smooth your engines idle, and improve the throttle response time.  


How it Works

Fuel is continuously burning as you drive.  However, not all of the mixture is ignited accurately/completely.  This leaves traces of the unburnt fuel inside the chamber and throttle.  The cylinders get hot enough and burn all that gets inside the cylinders. 

The intake valves, fuel injectors, and the throttle are constantly handling and passing on the fuel to the cylinders.  This  causes carbon to begin to build up over time due to all the fuel.  As the carbon builds up, the throttle begins to store the deposit.  This interferes with the accurate fuel delivery and mixture.

The problem this causes…

The problem with this is that it directly impacts the combustion cycles of the engine and thus affects the combustion cycles of the engine and thus affects how your car drives and responds to you giving throttle.  Your vehicle may not perform as well as it used to, causing a delay in pick-up.  It can also be the cause of a rough idle of shivering when it comes to a stop. 


Air Filter Service- Cabin and Engine 

An air filter in your vehicle can last 1-2 years under the right driving conditions.  The engine air filter prevents your engine from being damaged by dirt, dust, sand, and other contaminants that can be harmful to your engine.  If you have a clogged engine air filter, it can negatively impact your vehicle's overall performance in terms of: reduced fuel economy, misfiring engine, unusual engine sounds, and the check engine light may appear "on" in your vehicle as a result of this. 

The cabin air filter is designed to protect and maintain a healthy environment for you inside of the cab of your vehicle.  If your cabin air filter is clogged it can stop the air conditioner and heater from working in your vehicle.  

Schedule your Service

Getting regular maintenance done on your vehicle is vital to keep it in top condition, but you may find it hard to work these appointments into your daily life. With so many other commitments to tend to, you may not prioritize getting your oil changed, fuel induction system serviced, or your air filters changed. While they may not seem vital, neglecting them until the time for these tasks has long passed and can allow damage to creep up in the internal systems of the engine, causing bigger problems in the long run. At Victorville Hyundai in Victorville, California, our aim is to help you get your regular maintenance and service done on your vehicle by offering as many easy to use options as possible for you to make service appointments.


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