Imagine that you have a beautiful deep blue Hyundai Sonata and you park at the local Victorville grocery store.  After you finish your shopping, you discover a deep scratch in your driver's side door.  When you bring your car in for service to have the door repaired, you are offered the opportunity to color match the blue or pay less money and have the scratch painted red. You would pay the extra money to have your car door color matched to the blue that the rest of the car is painted, correct?

This is exactly what it is to choose aftermarket parts vs. OEM Hyundai parts for your vehicle.  OEM parts are an exact match for what is intended to be on your vehicle.  Your Hyundai will run at peak performance should you continue to maintain it with the OEM parts that it was built to run with from inception. 

5 Reasons OEM Parts are Better for your Hyundai

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer.  This term refers to the company that originally produced auto parts for your Hyundai.  OEM parts carry a higher price tag for your car than aftermarket parts because they are typically a higher quality part. Here's why:

  1.  Their quality is guaranteed. It can be extremely stressful when you have to have your vehicle repaired.  You want your vehicle to have a quality repair completed to make it safe and reliable.  You also want to spend as little money as possible to perform the vehicle repair.  Using an OEM part to repair your Hyundai ensures you have the exact right part repaired/replaced in your vehicle, it often avoids repetitive repairs, and can even reduce the frequency of repairs on your vehicle.  
  2. Buying OEM Parts is less time consuming than purchasing an aftermarket part.  When you are purchasing an aftermarket part for your Hyundai, you are likely having to compare and contrast the variations to the OEM part that belongs on your vehicle.  Making a decision for your overall vehicle safety and reliability while determining what trade-offs you are willing to make to maintenance your Hyundai. Purchasing OEM parts eliminates the evaluation process and you are choosing the part that was designed to help your car run at its peak performance. 
  3. OEM Parts are Warrantied.  OEM parts are warrantied by Hyundai.  This means that you have the OEM parts manufacturer backing the product that you are investing in.  It is less risk for your vehicle, more security when you are spending your own money for vehicle repairs. 
  4. OEM Parts are made for your Hyundai.  Aftermarket parts are made for every car everywhere. They are manufactured in a way that allows them to be a close fit for many makes and models.  OEM parts are an exact match to fit your specific vehicle.  Would you buy shoes that are the wrong size for your feet or purchase shoes that are the perfect fit for your feet? The same logic should be applied to your vehicle.  
  5. Safety and Peak Performance.  OEM parts are designed to work harmoniously with all parts of your car. This helps to maintain all parts of your car and the overall safety of your vehicle. 
While aftermarket parts may be cheaper, you are giving up quality and potential vehicle safety and reliability in choosing these parts.  Our service center serves the Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Barstow area with factory certified technicians and OEM parts. 

Bringing your Own Car Parts to a Mechanic to Install

Although this may seem like an easy way to save yourself some money, certified technicians at Victorville Hyundai are unable to accept these parts to maintain your vehicle.  When you bring in your own parts, there is no way for us to verify the quality of the parts.  As a direct result of this, we are unable to provide any type of warranty on the work that our technicians perform on your Hyundai vehicle.  

Aside from the legalities associated with utilizing these parts, there is also a chance that you may not purchase the correct part for your Hyundai vehicle.  Don't waste your time and money on a part that might not be the correct fix for your vehicle.  Allow our technicians that are experienced in servicing Hyundai vehicles in the Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley, and Barstow area, to diagnosis, order correct OEM parts, and perform the vehicle maintenance necessary to allow your Hyundai to run at peak performance. 

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