Tips on Traveling with Your Pets

Traveling with pets can be a fun experience for you and your pet. Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t look beyond the enjoyment to realize the danger if it’s not done safely. At Victorville Hyundai, we want your travels to be as safe as they are fun for you and your pet, so we’re happy to offer you some safety tips.

Here are some things to NOT DO:
• Let your dog sit in the front seat.
• Let your dog have his head out the window
• Feed your dog while traveling.
• Allow the dog to roam free in the vehicle.
• Leave the dog alone in the vehicle.
• Travel with your dog in the back of a truck.

If you plan on doing some serious traveling with your pet, you may want to check out our pet-friendly vehicles at our dealership. We’d love to have you pick out a vehicle and take it for a test drive.



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